Audience/Workshop Evaluations:

“Amazing. I’ve learned so much and am grateful for the tools I’ll be using throughout my life.”

"Awesome speaker! Very inspirational...This is a very important topic that I think a lot of people overlook."

“[I gained] a new vibration, a kick in the pants, a creative spark, the power of intentional living.”

“Defining success was extremely helpful. The stories were great—really bring concepts to life.”

“I’ve gained so much clarity and self confidence. It was liberating to claim my passion and life mission and to learn to express it.”

"Terrific. One of the best facilitators I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a lot).Marian handles her role with such ease and compassion."

"Excellent!" "Incredible." "This gave me a path, ideas and tools."

"Very embracing of the audience. I sensed Marian’s passion."

"I found a lot of value in this experience. This gave me a lot to think about and work baby steps."

"Marian is inspiring, authentic, energetic and entertaining. She is one of the best speakers we've ever had. The audience was engaged, motivated to Wake Up Inspired and equipped with new tools. I highly recommend Marian - she was a joy to work with. Great Results, Expert, High Integrity."  - Ellen Rogin, President, Strategic Financial Designs & Director, Metropolitan Capital Bank

"Marian was the keynote speaker at our meeting serving six figure executives. I heard nothing but positive comments about her talk. (I was amazed at how she could get 150 people to be so quiet and focused!)  Her topic of "Wake Up Inspired" resonated with everyone and left us feeling that we could achieve our dreams, follow our passions and pursue the things in life that provide us energy and inspiration. It is easy to see why she is rated as one of the top executive coaches in America."   - Chris Campell, Executive Director, Executive Network Group

Feedback from corporate managers, directors:

  • I think this workshop was the best one we’ve ever had!

  • I’m much more conscious of how I relate and react to people. I’m also becoming aware of how I treat myself, and making sure my own needs are being met (which I was horrible at before!).

  • I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be in a department where the Director not only understands the true value of "work-life balance" but also presents us with tools that will enable us to achieve it.

  • I think it’s particularly useful that you scheduled follow-up sessions with Marian. It will continue to make the experience part of "everyday."