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Imagine your future self seeing life as it’s meant to be for you.

Waking up inspired, genuinely looking forward
to your day’s mission…
feeling effectively on purpose,
integrating passion & profit,
and making a difference, while
enjoying the ride.

And falling asleep with a sense of gratitude,
pleased and proud of how you invest your energy.

Now, more than ever, it’s time
to fuel your new level of healthy success
and inspired leadership, in sync with your authentic self.

We’ll debunk myths and find fresh solutions.
We’ll revolutionize “working smart” and “balance.”

We’ll discover breakthroughs about Innovation and Collaboration

Our real prosperity and joy are emerging now.
Are you ready to learn the secrets of what it really takes?

It all starts with one question.

Curious? Yes, I’m interested to learn more about


Explore Healthy Success & Inspired Leadership in a Whole New Light

Are you open to a new level of support for creating personal & professional sustainability?

What if you could:

    • Gain improved flow, better results with right brain and left brain integration
    • Clear obstacles to your growth
    • Blend the best of mind-body-spirit vitality and sharp business sensibilities
    • Open up innovative, creative thinking, new solutions
    • Transform the way you navigate choices, show up for things that really matter to you 
    • Energize your work with a Passion meets Profits matrix process
    • Debunk myths about balance and discover new breakthroughs
    • Access the power of being Chief Inspiration Officer of your life, livelihood, leadership

This work is inspired by decades of research, privilege of coaching accomplished professionals since 1996, and study with today’s leading edge master teachers.

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Startup Coaching/Leadership Development
  • Career Coaching
  • Whole life professional & personal coaching
  • Inspired Leadership group course & coaching program

New Course & Group Coaching – Check this out  a new forum of intelligent optimist professionals exploring what it really takes to wake up inspired and evolve our new story of success.

“Marian Baker makes an utterly persuasive case that success in the 21st century requires a combination of spirit and strategy. Smart professionals who want to wake up each morning looking forward to the day ahead should grab this.” – Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind, former chief speechwriter for Al Gore

“In the most compassionate way I have ever experienced from another human being, the work with Marian showed me all of the potential and capabilities that I have right inside me. Years later, I now realize how I’m flourishing in so many aspects of life and work from the tools gained. Get ready to be opened to a new level (professionally, personally, or spiritually) that lasts a lifetime.”– Brynn Reedy, Marketing Exec


Is there a Ferrari inside of you, or a Frog? (read more)


This could be perfect for you if you are…

  • Executive, Director, Manager, Business Owner, etc. (Leadership, new support  & tools for fueling self and the mission)
  • Startup
  • Entreprenuer wanting to enhance, evolve your business/ self sustainability, etc.
  • Leader & Team (corporate, entrepreneurial, startup)
  • Emerging leader or in newer leadership role
  • Professional is a renewal or transition phase (career, whole life, purpose, vision, etc.)
  • Ready to make a change, and/or make a difference and enjoy the ride more!

We can also custom design a group program for your needs.

More info, options for ways to engage